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Arma 3 is the grandfather of tactical shooters.

You've most likely played (or at least heard about) most of the games it paved the way for without ever knowing that Arma 3 made it all possible.

But it's always a good time to step back and see where it all began. Arma 3 is a lot of fun, but modding can make it even better!

Here are some of the best mods you can install for Arma 3 to keep you busy for weeks.


Top 20 Best Mods for Arma 3 (All Free) - FandomSpot (1)

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With an active Arma 3 modding community, it is not that difficult to start modding the game.

Finding mods and getting them to work isn't a problem, and that's thanks in large part to a few management mods, which I'll cover at the beginning.

CBA or Community Based Addons hosts a list of modding tools aimed at optimizing Arma 3 mod support so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues.

Many of the mods on this list require CBA, so it's best to start with this one.

19.Explosive Core A3

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Arma 3 fans fell in love with the game because of its focus on realistic combat.

There was simply no such thing in its day, as the shooter genre was primarily dominated by point-and-shoot arcade games.

Modders are constantly finding ways to improve the immersion of Arma 3 by making small tweaks here and there, like this awesome mod.

Blastcore A3 is a visual effects pack for Arma 3 that brings warfare to life, adding more realistic explosions, smoke effects, and missile decals to the game.

Try it and I swear you won't be disappointed.


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Another graphics mod here that helps make the game even more immersive.

BloodLust is a simple mod. But like any shooting game, blood effects play a big part in realism.

And this one certainly takes a trophy for this category.

BloodLust introduces a bunch of new blood and gore effects, including blood spatter, sprays, and even bleeds.

It wouldn't make sense if gunshots didn't produce blood, would it?

17.JSRS Soundmod

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Another great way to improve the immersive experience of Arma 3 is to improve the in-game sounds.

JSRS Soundmod does just that, making guns and explosions sound much more realistic.

What's particularly impressive about this mod is that it pretty much replacesatthe original in-game sound files with fully custom sounds.

Weapon sounds are much better with JSRS as they get an extra punch and feel a lot heavier when firing than in vanilla.

You'll even hear gunshots echoing in the area as you fire off. Very sophisticated.

16.AKR 2

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Communication is a big part of Arma 3 and certainly in multiplayer.

As a military simulation gunner, you communicate with your squad via radio. And ACRE 2 takes wireless communication to a whole new level.

You can adjust your microphone sensitivity within the game, and ACRE 2 basically does its thing.

Speaking softly means you can be heard by people in your immediate vicinity, but not by those further away.

The opposite is also true, yelling basically means being heard from up to 150 meters away.

This mod also changes how AI reacts to voice communication as enemy soldiers can spot you if they hear you from afar.

15.Improved Movement

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Aside from graphics and audio improvements, Quality of Life mods improve how immersive your Arma 3 experience will be.

Enhanced Movement is a great example of QoL improvements that make in-game movement much smoother.

It's quite odd that this feature wasn't included in the base game. This left movement a bit clunky at times, but thanks to the Enhanced Movement mod, your soldiers can climb over obstacles pretty much anywhere.

As you can probably expect, this will happen frequently.

Assuming you're at war and traversing some pretty rough terrain.

What's even better about this mod is that it addsJumping and climbing animations, making everything look much smoother.

14.AI accuracy fix

Top 20 Best Mods for Arma 3 (All Free) - FandomSpot (7)

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Arma 3 can be unforgiving in its realism.

Unlike similar games, it doesn't take a magazine full of bullets to drop a soldier.

Some players found the learning curve a little too steep even on lower difficulties.

AI Accuracy Fix can help reduce enemy soldier accuracy to keep them alive a little longer.

This is great for casual fans who can enjoy the game without constantly worrying about dying at every corner.

13.Project Injury Response

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Project Injury Reaction adds a few new features that make the game even more realistic than before.

As the title suggests, soldiers firing shots in the game now receive a range of new possible reactions, such as dropping weapons or being knocked out.

The mod affects both you and AI soldiers. So pay attention if the enemy you just shot is really done.

Also, the combat feels much more dynamic.

You never really know how an enemy might react once you start shooting.


Top 20 Best Mods for Arma 3 (All Free) - FandomSpot (9)

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ACE3 is the ultimate realism mod for Arma 3.

it gives youcomplete controlthrough settings so you can customize your Arma 3 experience to your liking.

It also introduces a slew of new features, like the ability to carry and drag fallen soldiers, an improved medical system where limbs can be treated independently, and even a much more realistic shooting system with projectile drop and wind ballistics.

If you're looking for a precise combat experience, ACE3 is the way to go.

11.Personal arsenal

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Another great way to spice things up in Arma 3 is with the many addon mods out there.

I mean, there are mods that add tons of new content - including new weapons, maps/terrain, soldier types, and even entirely new playable missions.

Personal Arsenal is a great example that offers complete access to the game's virtual arsenal.

This means that all equipment in vanilla is unlocked and ready to use at any time.

You can customize freelychargesand see which weapons work best together to ensure you are 100% ready for the next mission.


Top 20 Best Mods for Arma 3 (All Free) - FandomSpot (11)

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The RHS mods are another great source of additional content for Arma 3, this time focusing on new country models to play around with.

In particular, RHSASFRF adds models based on the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

You can explore new weapons, vehicles and uniforms based on the Russian army, greatly expanding what is already available in the base game.

There are now also versions for the United States Armed Forces, the Green Forces, and the Serbian Armed Forces.

So you can choose which ones you want to see.

These mods are also created by a long list of modders, so the effort and detail that goes into these models are definitely worth checking out.

9.CUP Grounds - Maps

Top 20 Best Mods for Arma 3 (All Free) - FandomSpot (12)

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Terrain drastically affects battle tactics in Arma 3.

So what better way to shake things up a bit than with a new pack of maps?

The CUP Terrains pack is one of the most popular out there, and it comes with 16 new maps to explore.

The maps included here are not entirely new, however, as they are based on maps we've already received in the older Arma games.

In any case, they are not included in the base game. So you can look forward to a refreshing Arma 3 experience.

Whether you've never played the older Arma games or already have favorites from previous titles, CUP Terrains is sure to provide hours of fun exploring Arma 3.

8.Faces of war

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Here's one for all history buffs: Faces of War.

The mod aims to add WWII themed models to Arma 3, covering everything from uniforms, weapons, equipment, vehicles and terrain.

The team wanted to provide accurate representations of WWII models and insert them into Arma 3 to give it a completely different feel.

I would say they succeeded.

Since Arma 3 is more futuristic than historical, this is a great way to give your game a whole new feel.

7.Dynamic universal war system

Top 20 Best Mods for Arma 3 (All Free) - FandomSpot (14)

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If you just want to squeeze everything you can out of Arma 3 without really changing much of the base game, Dynamic Universal War System might be what you need.

DUWS procedurally generates mini-campaigns based on a set of predefined criteria, allowing you to have different mission experiences each time.

You can choose specific settings like mission type, HQ locations, and unit setups, allowing you to fully customize your campaign experience.

DUWS aims to provide the ability to play custom campaigns to maximize replayability.

6.Battle Royale von PLAYERUNKNOWN

Top 20 Best Mods for Arma 3 (All Free) - FandomSpot (15)

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That's right, the battle royale game that took the world by storm actually started out as an Arma mod.

Developer Brendan Greene actually started work on an Arma 2 mod before migrating his project to Arma 3.

The concept of a BR mode was pretty unique back then.

And while it's debatable if PlayerUnknown's standalone title is a much more refined version, who's to say the original isn't better?

It's really all just a matter of preference. So while you're at itBR games, this is worth a try.

5.Company: TREBUCHET

Top 20 Best Mods for Arma 3 (All Free) - FandomSpot (16)

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Arma 3 has created the ultimate modder's playground with its huge sandbox world and powerful built-in editor, giving modders the freedom to let their imagination run wild.

All of this makes for interesting content. And while some modders have chosen to travel back in time, this team chose to go in the opposite direction.

Combining Arma 3 with another of their favorite shooters, Operation: TREBUCHET introduces Arma 3 to the world of Halo.

Although inspired by the Halo universe, Operation: TREBUCHET takes a different approach.

Instead of focusing on the elite Spartan warriors like the original game, the mod lets you experience the combat of the common soldiers, resulting in a harder Halo/Arma 3 experience.

Give it a try if you're a big Halo fan, I'm sure you'll love it.

4.breaking point

Top 20 Best Mods for Arma 3 (All Free) - FandomSpot (17)

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Of course, our mod list wouldn't be complete without a zombie scenario.

Breaking Point is one of the most popular zombie survival modes for Arma 3 as it's a lot of fun to play with a bunch of friends.

The mod focuses on PvP and has been in development since 2013.

You have a whole new roster of weapons to explore, along with new gameplay mechanics like factions, crafting/repair systems, and safehouses.


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Now if you're looking for a more historical remaster of Arma 3, Unsung is a great place to start.

is unsungone of the biggest overhaul modsfor arma 3 out there, and it brings your arma 3 experience to jungle war of vietnam.

With 12 new maps, 12 factions, 130 weapons, and tons of new uniforms, vehicles, and gear, there's so much to explore in this game.

You'll be completely immersed in the Vietnam War as if you're not even playing a game anymore.

Unsung itself does not currently include any custom missions. But it's garnered such a large following that others continue to create custom campaign content for it.

2.Cold War Crisis

Top 20 Best Mods for Arma 3 (All Free) - FandomSpot (19)

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Cold War Crisis is another option to consider if you're looking for a historical Arma 3 mod, this time more focused on its own playable campaign.

CWC takes us back to 1985, when tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union are on the verge of erupting.

Everything has been changed here, from unit models and weapons to cutscenes and dialogue to better reflect the time period.

1.Altis Life role-playing game

Top 20 Best Mods for Arma 3 (All Free) - FandomSpot (20)

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Altis Life RPG is definitely one of the most popular Arma 3 mods of the moment.

And it brings something completely unique to the table.

Instead of focusing on the fighting and war gameplay, Altis Life RPG plays as either a civilian or a cop.

It's pretty much a life simulator where you play in a more modern setting.

As a police officer, you are tasked with enforcing the law and catching criminals.

Civilians, on the other hand, earn their money in other (often illegal) ways. Does anyone have GTA vibes yet?

It gets interesting when the PvP aspect is added, since you're playing on a server where everyone else is also either cops or civilians.

Anyone looking for a multiplayer experience with Arma 3 should definitely check this out.

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