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Change is inevitable and highly recommended in the tech world. We need to keep ourselves and our digital platforms updated to keep our competitors at bay and our end users closer. In this post, we bring you everything you need to know about the latest Node.js version 14: all about the new features included and how to update your Node.js application to the updated version.

Upgrading to the latest Node.js V 14 will improve the performance of your application and you will attract new users.

Update Node.js to the latest version (1)

Table of contents

1. Node.js V14 New Features

2. How to update node version 14 on a Linux system

  • A. Using Node Version Manager NVM
  • B. Using Node Package Manager NPM
  • C. Using Binary Packages

3. Update Node.js to the latest version 14 on macOS and Windows systems

  • A. Using the installer
  • B. Using Node Package Manager NPM

4. How does Bacancy technology help you?

  • A. Node.js-Teamerweiterungsmodell
  • B. Node.js folder structure

5. Conclusion

What's new in Node.js 14?

Take a look at the differentiators of Node.js with the latest version 14.

✪ Stable diagnostic report

The diagnostic report, which was an experiment in Node.js version 12, is coming to V14 as a stable version. This diagnostic report allows you to create a report on demand when a specific event occurs.

Developers can easily enable diagnostic reporting by adding a command line option.

✪ Javascript engine updated to V8 8.1

The exciting part is having fun with naming conventions; it's the 8th version of Node version 8, so it's Node.js V8 8.1 update. The newly added features of this javascript version include optional concatenation, null coalescence, display of names, numbering system, calendar, and date and time format.

✪ Experimental asynchronous local storage API

The continuation of local storage started as an experiment in previous versions and is now proving to be a key use case of the async hooks in version 14 ofNode.js. Although it was backported in the last version 13.10, Async Local Storage is now available to you in the form of an API.

(Video) how to update Nodejs/NPM to the latest version

✪ Currents

Imcurrent Node Version, the Streams API has been consistently modified to allow developers to overcome the complex behavior and experience rich streaming functionality. If your Node.js application relies primarily on streams, we recommend testing your app with the latest Node version 14 update.

✪ Web Assembly System interface

The Node 14.x release supports an experimental initiative for the Web Assembly System Interface WASI, which can drastically simplify the experience with native modules. Developers and end users get cross-platform support and improved performance with this testing feature.

✪ Warning about removing experimental modules

In the Node.js 13 version, you will get an unlikely warning message when using Ecma Script Module ESM, which has now been removed in the V14 update. Yes, it is experimental and may not be backwards compatible, so be careful when using it in production environments.

✪ New minimum requirements for compilers and platforms

With each new version of Node.js there are specific pre-built binaries and minimal toolchains for different platforms. With Node.js V14 we have at least macOS 10.13 High Sierra, Linux GCC 6 and Windows with end-of-life distributions.

How to update node version 14?

We have put together a step-by-step process to upgrade your NodeJS application version to V14 for both

(I). Linux system

(ii). Windows and macOS systems

Update NodeJS on Linux systems

There are 3 variants of answer to your question how to update Node JS version on Linux system: via Node Version Manager NVM, with Node Package Manager NPM and by using binary packages. Let's try each option and you can use whichever method you like.

A. Update your node app with Node Version Manager NVM

You can manage multiple versions of Node.js with NVM, and it is ideally the most appropriate way to update your Node.js application. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to update your Node.js project on Linux with NVM:

1) Use the following command to update the package repository.

Update Node.js to the latest version (2)

2) You need to download the dependencies with this command.

Update Node.js to the latest version (3)

3) Use curl command to install Nodejs Version Manager NVM.

Update Node.js to the latest version (4)

4) The next step is to close the terminal and then open it again.

(Video) how to update to latest nodejs version in windows (easily)

5) Just check if you installed NVM correctly,

Update Node.js to the latest version (5)

6) Check the current version of usage in your system,

Update Node.js to the latest version (6)

7) Next you can check what new versions are available with nvm ls,

Update Node.js to the latest version (7)

8) Finally, you should select the latest version 14 using the nvm install command.

Update Node.js to the latest version (8)

B. Update your Node application with Node Package Manager NPM

An alternative method to update your Node.js application is to use the official Node Package Manager NPM. Developers can use this method to install nodejs and manage dependencies.

Since your system contains Node, you also know NPM. So you can interact and manage with the Node version using the n module. The chronological method can be found here:

1) First you need to clear your npm cache

Update Node.js to the latest version (9)

2) Next you need to install the version manager n of the node

Update Node.js to the latest version (10)

3) Since you installed the n module, you can install the latest stable version with n stable, the latest version with n Latest, and nodejs with a specific node version with n [version number].

C. Use binary packages to update your node application

The last and least preferred option is to update your Node.js using the binary packages.

1) Reach theofficial node download page, where you can find all available packages. Here you can download the source code or the installer for the LTS version.

Update Node.js to the latest version (11)

2) So download it from your browser or use thewgetCommand:

(Video) How to Update/Upgrade Node Js Version on Windows

Update Node.js to the latest version (12)

3) Extract the binary package using the install nodejs xz-utils

Update Node.js to the latest version (13)

4) Use the following command to extract and install the package.

tar -C /usr/local –strip-components 1 -xJf node-v14.5.0-linux-x64.tar.xz

Upgrade Node.js to the latest version on macOS and Windows system

If you are using Windows or macOS systems, implementing an updated NodeJS application works on the same principles. Let's find out the two ways you can upgrade to Node.js V14: Installer and NPM.

A. Update the NodeJS app on Windows and macOS using the installer

The first way to update your node to V14 is to use the installer. If you go to the Node.js official download page, you can download the latest Node version, which will replace and overwrite your older version.

1) Go to the website → download section and click on the latest stable LTS version or the current latest features.

Update Node.js to the latest version (14)

2) Depending on your system, click on the macOS or Windows directory. Your system downloads the package to the specific directory.

3) You can run the installer while the download is in progress.

4) Next you will see the wizard that will help you with the installation.

Update Node.js to the latest version (15)

5) You just have to accept the terms and conditions and click Next.

Update Node.js to the latest version (16)

6) You need to select the directory where you want to install NodeJS node update.

Update Node.js to the latest version (17)

7) You can customize the features you get with the updated version by clicking the icon tree.

Update Node.js to the latest version (18)

8) And you are already done with the installation steps. Just be patient until the process is complete and then click the Finish button.

9) You can check if the latest version is updated on your system or not with this command:

Update Node.js to the latest version (19)

(Video) How To update Node js to the latest version on Ubuntu Linux

However, the above method or updating the node version can occur when two different node versions are stored on your system, which is confusing. So in this case you should update with the Node Package Manager NPM.

B. Update NodeJS with Node Package Manager NPM on Windows and macOS

You will use themn-Modellwithnpm commandto update the Node.js version on your Windows or macOS.

1) First and foremost, check the current node version in your system.

Update Node.js to the latest version (20)

2) Second, you need to clear the npm cache.

Update Node.js to the latest version (21)

3) Then you need to install n globally:

Update Node.js to the latest version (22)

4) Next, install NodeJS, the latest stable version of the release.

Update Node.js to the latest version (23)

Alternatively, you can also install the latest features of Node.js.

Update Node.js to the latest version (24)

How can Bacancy help you?

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Node.js folder structure

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Check out the ideal code structure for our Node.js app development.

(Video) How to update your Node.js dependencies [10 of 26] | Node.js for Beginners

Update Node.js to the latest version (25)


The reason for using an open source technology framework is that with the community support you always have an updated and updated version of your project development software. One such example is the Node.js platform, where you can either work on the LTS (Long Term Supported version) or on the latest version with all new features. As Bacancy Technology is a leading Node.js development company, rest assured that our agilenode developerand project managers get their goals with a performant Node.js application.


How do I update NodeJS to version 14? ›

  1. download nvm-setup. ...
  2. execute command nvm list available from cmd or gitbash or powershell, this will list all available version of node.
  3. use command nvm install version e.g. nvm install 12.14.0 to install on the machine.
  4. last once installed use nvm use version to use newer version e.g. nvm use 12.14.0.

How can I update my Node js to the latest version in Windows? ›

Navigate to the Node. js website and click on the latest stable version or the newest current release (with the latest features). 2. After deciding the version, click on the Windows or the macOS Installer, depending on the system you are using.

Can I update Node JS? ›

Stable version of Node. js can be downloaded or updated from the official Node. js website as well as through the command line using Node Version Manager(nvm).

What is the latest version of Node JS? ›

version since 2022-10-25, while Node 19 became the Current version from 2022-10-18. The next LTS version, v20 is planned to be initially released on 2023-04-18, and it should become the active LTS from 2023-10-24.

How do I change Nodejs version? ›

To change Node. JS versions, we have to first download the version we want. Make sure you have nvm installed first. If you don't know the version you want to install, type nvm ls-remote to get a full list of all installable Node.

How do I install a new version of node JS? ›

To install a specific version of Node, you need to run nvm list available first so you can see the versions of Node that are available. To install that specific version, run nvm install node-version-number . For example, nvm install 14.20. 0 .


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