What are 3CX Phone Systems? Everything you need to know | Gradwell Communications | A 3CX phone system buyer's guide (2023)

The rise of remote working means companies are looking for software that will help them stay as productive as possible while their employees are in their living rooms, guest rooms (if they're lucky!) and kitchens rather than in the office. Cloud-based phone software and systems are a key element of this tech stack.

Among hosted phone systems, 3CX is one of the most well-known, offering great functionality and reliability for desktop, mobile, and traditional phones. But what is 3CX and can it really help your business?

A 3CX phone system buyer's guide

3CXis an open, software-based telephone system based on the SIP standard. It works with a range of phone hardware and also offers web browser-based extensions and mobile apps. A major benefit is that the software itself can be hosted on a remote server, on-premises (on a local server) or both for added resiliency. It is often considered a great IP PBX for small and growing businesses due to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Let's briefly explain what is PBX and IP PBX.

What is the difference between PBX and IP PBX?

PBXstands for Private Branch Exchange and is a private telephone network within a company or organization.

A traditional PBX system consists of standard telephone lines and stations, which makes it possibleEstablish connections to the PSTN via endpoint devicessuch as telephones or fax machines. With a traditional PBX, an organization is limited to a maximum number of external phone lines and a maximum number of internal devices and extensions.

An IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is a PBX system with IP connectivity that offers additional communication functions such as audio, video and instant messaging. An IP PBX allows unlimited extensions and lines, as well as complex features that are difficult to implement with a traditional PBX. summarize somethingAn IP PBX adds IP VoIP support to the legacy PBX system.

The main differences between a PBX and an IP PBX are the way they connect users and what they offer. IP PBX systems use IP technology to establish and manage communications, while a PBX takes over traditional and physical communication paths. An IP PBX can carry and manage calls, data, and other audio and video functions, and an analog PBX can only switch and manage phone calls.

PBX and IP PBX are often used interchangeably as it is often assumed that most modern telephone systems are IP based. This also applies to the rest of this guide.

Many businesses with traditional analog phone systems are actively looking to migrate to modern IP-based equivalents. And with fast approachSwitch off ISDN, companies are also considering migrating from ISDN tooSIP-Trunks.

What are 3CX Phone Systems? Everything you need to know | Gradwell Communications | A 3CX phone system buyer's guide (1)

How to set up 3CX

To get started, you need a 3CX license (to unlock 3CX itself) and a SIP trunk (to connect it to the landline). You need an internet connection - whether it's on your desktop or phone - to be able to download 3CX through a browser. To make calls you need a license and to connect your 3CX Phone System to your VoIP service provider you need a SIP trunk to complete this task.

3CX is available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. To use 3CX on your mobile phone, you can download the 3CX app for free. With the app, you remain connected to your company's infrastructure and can take your office communication with you wherever you go. 3CX also supports a number ofSIP phones and handsets. We recommend phones fromA dreamandYealink.

Note: We've helped hundreds of customers through the entire process, from licenses and hosting to SIP trunks, onboarding, support and maintenance, at minimal cost). We are also one of only a handful of 3CX Approved Solution Providers with our 3CX Recommended SIP Trunks.

3CX is a very powerful tool, but for it to work properly you need both SIP trunks (to connect it to the traditional phone network) and a license (to unlock 3CX itself).


A SIP trunk is a way to connect and disconnect voice and data over the Internet. Because 3CX is based on the SIP standard, it works with SIP trunks to create and manage connections effectively. As detailed in the following diagram, using SIP trunks allows your SIP provider to connect channels to your PBX, which is youcan make local, long distance, and international calls over the Internet. The SIP trunk is the virtual connection between your 3CX and the VoIP phone service provider, running over a regular broadband internet connection.

(Video) installing my “FREE” cloud phone system (AWS and 3CX)

What are 3CX Phone Systems? Everything you need to know | Gradwell Communications | A 3CX phone system buyer's guide (2)

License-Based Setup

To use 3CX you need a license. 3CX operates a license-based setup - you cannot make calls without a license. Like most software products, it is a subscription that renews annually. The license is based on the number of concurrent required calls routed through the system. The three types of licenses are:Standard, Pro and Enterprise. It is important to note that the concurrent call pricing model is completely different from per-user pricing and may be perfect for your business or the opposite! We will discuss this in more detail below.

What are 3CX Phone Systems? Everything you need to know | Gradwell Communications | A 3CX phone system buyer's guide (3)

What are the benefits of 3CX?

Easy setup and integration

All you need to set up 3CX is an internet connection, a 3CX license and a SIP trunk. Installing 3CX is a simple process via a browser, and for a really easy setup you should probably look into a dedicated and recommended SIP trunk provider (includingGradwellis one of the most recommended).

Integration with other systems is also straightforward, with well-documented processes for linking to CRM systems such as Salesforce.

Unified communication

3CX is a completeUnified communicationSolution, meaning it goes beyond just phone calls and includes features like CRM management, messaging, calling, live chat, web conferencing, iOS and Android apps, email and more. This solution does not have the cost and management issues of a "legacy" phone system or the limitations of a shared cloud PBX (where all users share the same hosting space). With the integration, these calling features and functions are all conveniently located in one place.


A CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a system thatmanages corporate relationships and interactions with customers and prospects. It is absolutely crucial for most businesses as it centralizes all information about their customers including things like contact and/or company details, products purchased, interactions and more.

3CX allows you to easily integrate PBX and CRM systems, allowing you to make and log calls while tracking customer interactions and recordings from every channel. CRMs like HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and other database software like Zendesk can all be integrated with 3CXserver side. This means that the CRM can be integrated by the admin without any plugins or manual configuration.


Live chat allows businesses to engage with their website visitors in real-time. Visitors to a website can chat with sales and support teams in a chat box within a browser. Check the box at the bottom right of this page - this is our very own live chat! Live chat helps build a strong and lasting relationship between business and customers. Businesses that provide good live chat support can see an increase in customer satisfaction and increased sales.According to Zendesk, live chat has a 92% customer satisfaction rate.

3CX Live Chat and Conversations are available for any content management system (CMS) or custom website. Similar toDrift, 3CX Live Chat sits in the corner of your website and pops up with helpful tips, suggestions and support information. It looks like this:

What are 3CX Phone Systems? Everything you need to know | Gradwell Communications | A 3CX phone system buyer's guide (4)

How to set up 3CX live chat

The first step toSetting up 3CX Live Chatconsists in defining the necessary configuration parameters to open the communication channels between the two parties. This is done from the 3CX Management Console.

Next, download the package and configure and customize the live chat. Essentially, customize live chat to match your company's colors and branding. Not only does this add a sense of professionalism, but it also makes your customers feel like they are speaking to someone who is knowledgeable and happy to help and support them.

Finally, integrate them into your website. You can do this by copying the CSS into your website's HTML content or by installing a plugin.

(Video) the Raspberry Pi PHONE SYSTEM! (3CX PBX at home)

web conferencing

web conferencing refers tovarious types of online collaboration services, such as online meetings, webcasts and webinars. With web conferencing, you can easily hold live meetings, presentations, training courses and much more over a VoIP connection. This type of communication is transforming the way you and your organization communicate and collaborate, especially in the current era of remote work.

Setting up a web conference is very easy. First, login to the 3CX web client. On the left is a section that says Schedule a Meeting. Once you click that, you can choose the type of conference you want to host - audio or video - and when you want the meeting. You can set a date and time or start the meeting immediately.


Die3CX-Webclientis essentially a dashboard or control panel that combines all the calling and communication features you need to connect with your colleagues, partners and customers through your browser. The web client has full telephony functionality and provides access to audio and video calls, holding, transferring and conferencing, access to IP phones, chat functions and file transfers.

iOS and Android apps

The 3CX smartphone app is available foriPhonesandandroids. The app allows you to take your business communications anywhere. With the app downloaded to your phone, you can seamlessly access your company phone book, make calls and send messages.

Using the smartphone app is extremely useful. It allows you to call colleagues and clients and still appear professional and trustworthy by using your work number instead of your home number. The apps have become more and more helpful this year with the increase in remote work. All you have to do to use the app is download and install it from the App Store.

What are 3CX Phone Systems? Everything you need to know | Gradwell Communications | A 3CX phone system buyer's guide (5)


With advanced 3CX security protocols and technologies, your 3CX system stays secure and reliable. 3CX offers secure SSL login and backup and restore functionality - so files and sensitive data are not lost when there are connection problems or extreme circumstances.

To simplify device management, 3CX offers aSession Border Controller. An SBC is a device used in SIP-based VoIP networks to regulate and protect communication systems and ensure network security and efficiency. The 3CX SBC offers more security as it uses 3CX's ownTunnelhäfen.

How 3CX differs from other systems

The main difference between 3CX and its competitors are their licensing options and additional features.

3CX is based on a simulcast license, which differs from most competitors in the market who price their offerings per user or "per seat". This means that depending on the size of your business, 3CX will allow as many users as you want for the same cost, as long as your usage stays below your concurrent call threshold. This is particularly useful for organizations with many employees but low call usage, and is also used in more specialized environments such as hotels. It's worth noting that not every company is suited to this concurrent call model. For those who prefer per-user pricing, it might be better to look at a system such asWelle.

Another difference between 3CX and its competitors is the features it offers. Most PBX and VoIP plans have call routing features that can be customized for each specific deployment. 3CX has additional features that allow for a variety of callflow possibilities to fully customize your callflow.

Die3CX Call History Designer(CFD) allows you to manage incoming call handling and create complex call flows without programming or scripting. With the CFD, you can route calls based on tag, route calls directly based on customer input, implement a voice payment gateway, and more. You can make your call flow as simple or as complicated as possible. For example, start creatinga simple menulike "For sales press 1, for helpdesk press 2 or hold and a representative will be with you". Once you've designed your flow, you can deploy it to the 3CX system and it's ready to use.

Also, unlike many competitors, 3CX does not charge users or tiers for additional features like voicemail, call recording, or CRM integrations. 3CX offers IT managers a wide choice of on-premise (“on-prem”) or cloud hosting. For those who want extra security, you can even have both, providing a near-perfect redundancy solution. Although 3CX is designed as a cloud-hosted system, the PBX software can be deployed on a regular desktop PC or even a Raspberry Pi!

A hosted system is a virtual PBX that is hosted for you by a service provider. With a hosted PBX service, businesses take their phone system offsite to a third-party PBX and let them handle and manage the system. A hosted service is quick and easy to set up and eliminates expensive installation costs. The responsibility and administration of the system is transferred to the provider. This is our preferred delivery route.

Gradwell offers a 3CX hosted service, i.e. H. we install, manage and support your 3CX system for you. As a 3CX solution provider, we have 3 different hosting options depending on which 3CX license you choose.

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Hosting mit 3CX

Hosting is critical to maintaining a secure, reliable and resilient phone system - and vital to the operation of 3CX. 3CX is a system that can be set up, operated and hosted in many ways, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. There arethree waysYou can choose between self-hosted hosting, 3CX hosting or Gradwell's fully managed service.

First, 3CX itself can be hosted in the cloud, giving customers full control over their PBX and data. You can host 3CX yourself on any server. Second, 3CX hosts and manages your system for you. Finally, Gradwell operates a fully managed hosting instance, which means we install, manage and support your hosted PBX for you. We have put together a special webpage about our hosting compared to these two alternatives that you can findhere.

Who Should Consider 3CX?

3CX is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and start-up companies. It's easy to set up and offers competitive and affordable pricing for businesses looking for a quick, easy, and trusted solution. 3CX is also a flexible solution that allows for additional extensions and requirements as your business grows.

If you're a business new to the concept of Unified Communications, where chat, calling, meetings and conferencing are all rolled into one, 3CX could be particularly attractive. With a comprehensive range of calling, video and audio features that can be tailored to your business needs, 3CX can get your business off to a strong start or keep it on a stable path. How we all find each otherwork remotelyCurrently, 3CX is beneficial for companies that have a number of employees working both in the office and from home or other locations.

What are 3CX Phone Systems? Everything you need to know | Gradwell Communications | A 3CX phone system buyer's guide (6)

How can 3CX help my business?

remote work

Hosted phone systems and instant messaging platforms have become essential communication tools for businesses and organizations. 3CX has been particularly popular during this time of coronavirus due to its licensing discounts and convenient features. To be able to work from home effectively, you need to take full advantage of the 3CX web client and softphone.

While working from home, 3CX Softphone allows you to continue making calls and manage your communications from whatever device you use. The app is beneficial during this time because it keeps costs down and installs quickly and easily, getting you and your business up and running in hours. the3CX-Softphone-Appcan be downloaded for free.

cost saving

A major attraction of 3CX is thecompetitive pricing. Pricing is based on the number of concurrent calls your business requires, not the number of users/extensions. 3CX has a price generator that automatically calculates the license your business needs.

What are 3CX Phone Systems? Everything you need to know | Gradwell Communications | A 3CX phone system buyer's guide (7)

(Video) Everything You Need to Know About Business Phone Systems

frequently asked Questions

What is 3CX?

3CX is an open standards based PBX system. It is based on the SIP standard and works with common IP phones and SIP trunks. 3CX enables calls and extensions over traditional PSTN phone lines and VoIP services.

What does Gradwell have to do with 3CX?

We are an official partner of 3CX, which means we sell, build and support 3CX for our customers. We are also one of the UK's most recommended SIP trunk providers and our network is specifically configured to work seamlessly with the 3CX system.

What is a PBX phone system?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange and is a private telephone network used within a company.

What is the difference between a 3CX PBX and my current on-premises PBX?

3CX is primarily delivered as a cloud managed service in a data center and not as an on-premises physical PBX. This eliminates the risk of expensive repairs while offering a range of additional features and no need for maintenance contracts.

What is IP telephony?

IP telephony stands forInternet Protocol-Telephony. It's a term used to describe technologies that use a variety of protocols to exchange voice, fax, and other information traditionally carried over the PSTN.

What are SIP trunks and what are their advantages?

A SIP trunk is a way to establish and terminate voice and data transmissions over the Internet. SIP trunks are the virtual connection between your 3CX System and the VoIP phone service provider.The benefits of SIP trunkingare the low cost and call charges, flexibility and more.

How much does 3CX cost?

The cost of 3CX depends on your license choice. Licensing options are Standard, Pro and Enterprise and vary in price and number of simultaneous calls. To figure out what type of license you need, 3CX has a price generator that will automatically calculate it for you.

Was ist Unified Communications?

Unified Communications refers to a telephone system that enables and integrates various communication methods. This includes phone calls, email and SMS messages, live chat, video conferencing, audio and more. This communication is unified, allowing users to share and access data from one central location.

What phones work with 3CX?

Supported Gradwell phones are Snom and Yealink.

How much does it cost if I want to upgrade a license?

If you want to upgrade to a different license, the upgrade cost is only the price difference between the larger license and the original one.

Can I get 3CX on my phone?

Yes. 3CX offers a softphone - an app that can be installed on your mobile phone. This allows you to access all features from your office phone and make calls from your office number.

Want a free demo of how it works?

Get a quick overview of how 3CX works and how Gradwell can help you customize it to best suit your business.


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What type of phone system is 3CX? ›

What Is 3CX Phone System? 3CX is a software-based private branch exchange (PBX) based on the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standard. It enables extensions to make calls via the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

What are the features of 3CX? ›

3CX Phone System Features
  • Video Conferencing. 3CX offers unlimited enterprise-level video conferencing for 25-250 participants, with a strong emphasis on usability and security. ...
  • Live Chat. ...
  • Call Management. ...
  • Call Forwarding. ...
  • Business SMS. ...
  • Remote Collaboration. ...
  • Deployment Options. ...
  • Integrations.
Feb 2, 2022

How does a 3CX phone work? ›

3CX is a program that uses a Voice Over Internet Protocol commonly known as VoIP. This means it uses the internet to transfer your call instead of copper lines in a traditional phone system. Because it uses the internet to transmit your calls, 3CX provides more features while allowing for better flexibility.

Is 3CX a PBX system? ›

3CX is an affordable full-featured PABX system, with call queues, built-in web conferencing, live chat and social media messaging all on one system. Your team can take office calls on their mobile and answer messages while on the go.

What is 3CX communication system? ›

3CX is an open standard, software-based phone system based on the SIP standard. It works with a range of phone hardware and also features web browser-based extensions and mobile apps. A major advantage is the software itself can be hosted on a remote server, on-premise (on a local server) or both for extra resilience.

What does 3CX stand for? ›

According to 3CX CEO, Nick Galea, 3CX stands for Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate.

Does 3CX require internet access? ›

3CX Support

Internet connection is needed for licence checks and activation as well as certificate renewals. During the installation you will be asked to provide an FQDN which is necessary as well as internet is needed to activate the licence and complete the installation process.

Does 3CX automatically record calls? ›

3CX Support

Only calls connected to an extension will be recorded so calls reaching a Digital receptionists and hanging up will not be recorded.

How do I set up 3CX on my phone? ›

3CX On Mobile Phones: Making Working From Home Easy
  1. STEP 1: Download the App from the Google Play Store (Or Apple Store) ...
  2. STEP 2: Click Install and Allow 3CX to use your camera! ...
  3. STEP 3: Scan the QR Code from your company web interface to setup your account! ...
  4. STEP 4: Your Phone is Setup!
Jan 8, 2021

Are 3CX calls free? ›

3CX Video Conferencing – Free for all users. 3CX Live Chat – Free for all users.

Can you text through 3CX? ›

You can send and receive SMS and MMS messages from within 3CX, avoiding the need for staff to give out personal mobile numbers. Furthermore, you can direct them to queues and ensure they are always answered even if staff are on vacation or busy. This option is mainly for US & Canadian customers.

What are the benefits of 3CX? ›

With 3CX, your ongoing telco cost savings will be reduced significantly and so will the cost of buying, expanding and maintaining your PBX.
  • Decrease your Phone Bill by up to 80%
  • Licensing based on number of simultaneous calls and not extensions.
  • Make free inter-office calls and branch calls.

What is the difference between PBX and PBX? ›

The PABX routes incoming calls based on the code or extension number. For outgoing calls, a PBX connects with the public telephone exchange. A traditional PBX has one or more external (trunk) lines. It has a fixed number of internal lines (extensions) connected to the trunk line.

What are the three main components of the PBX? ›

Components of PBX System

A PBX generally includes: A box, cabinet or closet that serves as a housing for the internal parts. Switchboard console for operators to connect incoming and outgoing calls. Controllers/computers for data processing.

What is the difference between a PBX and a key system? ›

A key telephone system is in the same category as a PBX (private branch exchange). You will often see equipment categorized as PBX/Key. Key telephone systems rely on the telephone company switching equipment, while PBX systems rely on a central control unit located at the business-customer's location.

Is 3CX a CRM tool? ›

3CX supports a large number of CRMs out of the box. If your CRM is not in the list, you can easily create a template to integrate with your CRM using our CRM integration Wizard. You will need only basic coding / web skills and documentation of the REST API of your CRM.

How do you do a 3 way call on 3CX? ›

How to Make Conference Calls on 3CX? [Video]
  1. Enter the number of the second party, then press the Send soft key.
  2. Press the Conf key again when the second party answers. All parties are now attending the conference.
Apr 7, 2022

Does 3CX see my location? ›

Locations are shown with their full address, using Google Maps, and only location changes are stored, avoiding excess data. Location History can be exported for further analysis and you can choose to collect location data via Wi-Fi, mobile network or GPS.

What is the 3CX Tunnel port? ›

The 3CX Tunnel combines all SIP and RTP VoIP Packets from one location and can deliver them to the 3CX servers location on a single port. This allows the traffic to help overcome various firewall and mobile network issues and allows a simpler route to configuring remote extensions on your system.

Are 3CX calls encrypted? ›

Does 3CX encrypt messages? 3CX encrypts all messages sent from your 3CX extension.

How do you record all calls automatically without them knowing? ›

If you have an Android phone, the Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato is one of the best apps available in the Google Play Store for recording phone calls. Once installed, the app automatically records all outgoing and incoming phone calls without alerting the person you're recording.

Can you video call with 3CX? ›

No need for separate apps, you get enterprise-level video conferencing that's secure, easy to use & free. Set up online meetings through your calendar or simply hook up with remote teams or customers through your unique 3CX Meet link (e.g. https://1000.3cx.cloud/liashelton/meet).

Does every call get recorded? ›

The federal Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 and State and Territory listening devices laws may both apply to monitoring or recording of telephone conversations. The general rule is that the call may not be recorded.

Does 3CX need a static IP? ›

3CX prefers you have a static IP, but you can get away with a dynamic ip address. Under Settings -> Advanced- Network set it to dynamic.

What ports need to be open for 3CX? ›

To allow users to use their 3CX apps remotely, on Android, iOS or Windows, you need to ensure that these ports are open: Port 5090 (inbound, UDP and TCP) for the 3CX tunnel. Port 443 or 5001 (inbound, TCP) HTTPS for Presence and Provisioning, or the custom HTTPS port you specified.

Is 3CX free for life? ›

Get 3CX - Absolutely Free! Hosted or Self-managed. Up to 10 users free forever. No credit card.

Who owns 3CX? ›

Nick Galea

What companies use 3CX? ›

Who uses 3CX Phone System?
PricewaterhouseCooperspwc.comUnited States
Upwork Global Inc.upwork.comUnited States
Adecco Group AGadeccogroup.comSwitzerland
Symatrixsymatrix.comUnited Kingdom
1 more row

How much RAM does 3CX need? ›

Minimum 3CX Dedicated Server Requirements

CPU: 3.2GHz. RAM: 2GB.

What happens when 3CX license expires? ›

It doesnt expire, it reverts to the free license. You dont need a grace period because you can upgrade the license to the desired license size immediately without having to swap out any keys or do anything.

What are the two main functions of a PBX system? ›

PBX systems perform four main call processing duties: Establish connections between the phone sets of two users. Maintain connections as long as the users require. Disconnect a connection per the user's requirements.

Which is better PBX or VoIP? ›

VoIP systems often offer a wider range of features than PBX systems, including call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, and call waiting. They're also more flexible than PBX systems, making it easier to add new users and features. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to which is better for your contact center.

What is difference between PBX and VoIP? ›

The key difference between PBX vs VoIP (Voice over IP) is that a standard PBX system uses landline telephones to send/receive calls over the PSTN network, while VoIP sends/receives phone calls over the Internet.

Is 3CX a SIP server? ›

3CX is a SIP proxy server that works with popular IP phones, gateways and SIP trunk providers. It's a complete business communication system you can install in minutes, whether on-premise on Windows or Linux, hosted, or in your own private cloud.

Is 3CX a CRM? ›

3CX supports a large number of CRMs out of the box. If your CRM is not in the list, you can easily create a template to integrate with your CRM using our CRM integration Wizard.

Is Linux a 3CX? ›

3CX is an easy to manage, all-in-one communications system for Linux that takes just minutes to install. Seamlessly connect customers & co-workers with HD video conferencing, free mobile apps and a web client, making it an ideal tool for remote working.

Does 3CX work on Android? ›

3CX Android App is truly your one-stop tool for working remotely while adding that extra spark to your business communications.


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